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This narrow home, situated on a small 25′ x 140’ infill lot, measures only 17 feet in width. In order to maximize usable space, the architects proposed a design that would treat its limiting location and size in an extreme way and become home to a family that doesn’t mind exposing their daily routines to the outside world.

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The first floor houses the main living spaces, while the upper floors accommodate bedrooms and more private spaces.A folding glass wall system enables the occupants to open up their dining room to the outside and connect it to the south-facing outdoor courtyard. The introduction of large glass surfaces provide natural lighting to the interior and enable the users to extend their home into the garden and use the outdoor areas as part of their living space. In terms of materials, the architects used affordable fiber-cement panels and cedar to create a warm domestic space.

+ Thirdstone Inc.

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Photos by Merle Prosofsky