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The modern Unit B4 was designed to house Goodman’s South Sydney team and to also operate as a showroom to exhibit work to clients visiting the office. The space has a long common desk with a sculptural wooden frame enclosing industrial luminaries and some meeting rooms, all of which help bring the shelters’ large scale to a more human one. MAKE designed the meeting rooms as simple plywood boxes that offer an intimate space for making plans and talking privately when needed.

The polished concrete floors are low-maintenance, durable and affordable, and complete the raw unfinished look of the unique office space. The furniture was also designed by MAKE and built by a local manufacturers reusing salvaged timber from Goodman’s other sites. The bathrooms offer a darker more graphic space with its reuse of 44 gallon drums as sinks and storage bins, and a fantastic photo-wallpaper of Goodman’s other locations completes the look.

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