There’s no question that the healing powers of nature can do wonders for our well-being, which is why the client behind the V4 House asked Hanoi-based design studio TNT Architects to create a home that felt peaceful and rural despite its suburban setting. In response, the architects created a dwelling that celebrates a return to nature with an immersive garden, swimming pool and unusual pavilion-like form. Located in Vietnam’s Nghe An province in the Nghi Loc district, the V4 House offers a strong connection with the outdoors as well as plenty of gathering spaces for visiting friends and family.

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garage view

vegetable garden

Located on a spacious 2,000-square-meter lot in a quiet suburb, the V4 House’s built area only takes up about a quarter of the site with 900 square meters. The majority of the property is landscaped with gardens, including a fruit and vegetable garden. The living spaces are housed in a breezy, pavilion-like structure.

main house at dusk

spiral staircase

Inspired by the traditional northern house vernacular, the main house features an elliptical roof supported by pillars and walls that delineate the interior rooms. The living room, dining room and kitchen are located on the west side of the home while the master suite, three bedrooms, bathrooms and storage are located on the other side; the wine cellar is tucked away underground. A spiral staircase leads up to the accessible landscaped roof that the architects liken to a “garden of Eden.” The roof offers plenty of entertaining space with outdoor furnishings and landscape views. Immediately south of the main house is the indoor swimming pool.

accessible roof

house seen from afar

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“Nowadays, most…people have gone too far away from the villages, so when we wake up in [a] noisy city, our original human ego desires a peaceful green countryside, tranquil forests and blue sky,” note the architects. “It’s the reason for us to create a new house based on the “Old man – new coat” spirit. This design is not only a home for man return to nature but also a place where people connect together.”

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Images by Triệu Chiến