Who wouldn’t want to have a spot of afternoon tea at this delightful lime green shipping container cafe overlooking the site of the London 2012 Olympics? Dubbed the View Tube, the eatery and gallery caught our eye this morning, and upon further investigation we found out that the charming structure is 100% recycled, has motion sensor controlled lighting, low energy light bulbs, solar controlled glass and weather compensation controlled heating. While we won’t be getting shipped off to the UK ourselves to check out the colorful building in person, props to Bonnie Alter of Treehugger for her original photography of the space.

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Urban Space Management built the structure in a timespan of 3 months using shipping containers from China that were cleaned, fitted and then craned onto the site. The resulting building is a shock of lime green and stands two storys high. Did we mention that cut outs in the second story allow the View Tube to function as a look-out as well (hence its name, we’re guessing?).

Aside from housing a yummy cafe, the View Tube is a social enterprise offering a range of teaching programs for primary and secondary schools led by London Wildlife Trust and Field Studies Council. It’s also a gallery space, exhibiting the art of local artists in a series of containers placed side by side.

The View Tube will remain perched on its hill until at least 2013, so if you’re in the London area, go check it out and try the smoked salmon made by local producers – we heard it’s quite delectable.

+ Urban Space Management

Via Treehugger