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A new concept for a mobile hotel, the Hypercubus sits on the edge of almost any landscape – as well as on the edge of itself. The designers envision the units used for the tourism industry and for corporate retreats, as clusters of buildings can be easily scattered in open fields.

The building’s tilt is accomplished by bolting one corner to a concrete pad and suspending the opposite corner into the air using the metal stair case to prop it up. The clever floor plan takes advantage of the lofted space by breaking it into three sections. The lower section is home to the glass lined bath and space to stretch outdoors. Above is a living area that provides a more expansive view of the local environs, and a sleeping loft at top juts into the volume.

There’s no kitchenette and limited storage, so the space is clearly intended for shorter stays. When the season is up or the owners have another location in mind the Hypercubus can simply lifted on to a flatbed and whisked to the new temporary site.

+ Studio WG3

Via Architizer