Long time friends Tom Hare, a celebrated willow sculptor, and Zoe Lathbury have always talked about the dying Cherry tree at the back of Zoe’s garden and its potential for one of Tom’s fabulous designs. But he was always too busy with clients, and never got around to following up on their discussions. Until one day Tom surprised Zoe and the family with a beautiful willow Cherry Tree House that glows at night!

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Zoe and Tom were always talking about an old cherry tree that was dying at the back of her garden. They considered its potential for a willow tree house, but Tom was always too busy with important clients like London’s stunning Kew Gardens. Until one day, he surprised Zoe and her family with a whimsical willow design as they returned from a trip to the U.S.

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Called the Cherry Tree House, this enchanting willow nest was crafted entirely from woven into a delightful spherical shape. The “nest” lights up the garden every night showing off each detail and twist to its full potential. What a wonderful way to honor a lovely friendship.

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Photos by Daniel Castledine