If you have a server room in your office, then you must know how warm it can get in there. Unfortunately, these indispensable systems depend on air conditioning to things keep cool and working at optimal levels. So if you’re a company like Yahoo with a more than sizeable data center of thousands of servers and computer systems, keeping that space from turning into a sauna of overheating network systems requires 24-hour cooling. But keeping the AC on full-time leads to more than just a chilly room, this probably comes as no surprise to you, but AC systems are notoriously energy hungry, responsible large amounts of carbon to keep them running. But thankfully in a world where going green is on the rise, Yahoo’s latest data center aims to change that Earth hungry practice into something remedied (for the most part) by nature.

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Located in Lockport, N.Y., the new 155,000-square-foot facility, which holds 50,000 servers, has  purposely been designed to ensure that air circulates more freely, keeping systems as cool as possible naturally, and overhead costs down. Modeled after a chicken coop, the new data center uses 95 percent less water, 40 percent less energy and save thousands of dollars each year.  With the new design, the center has a power usage rating of 1.08, considerably low when compared to the industry average of 1.92. The center, dubbed the Yahoo Computing Coop (YCC), has also been built to take advantage of local prevailing winds as opposed to traditional chillers. According to a press release from Yahoo, the data center will use just one percent of its energy bill on cooling.

“It’s a passively cooled facility, much like you’d find in chicken coops. It’s designed to maximize the pass of airflow. This is how we cooled buildings before we used the mechanical brute force of chillers,” explains Christina Page, director of climate and energy strategy at Yahoo.

In order to finish construction and meet regulations, Yahoo received about $9.9 million grant from the Department of Energy Green IT (DOE) . CEO Carol Bartz will officially open the data center at a ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday morning , with New York Governor David Patterson and U.S. Senator Charles Schumer by her side.

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