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Have a candle-lit dinner using menus from celebrity chefs

Celebrate the hour with your partner, friends or family and have a candlelit dinner with your own tasty dishes based on WWF’s Livewell principles, which has been created for healthy people and a planet with a brilliant future. Download their dinner party guide or get inspired by celebrity chefs who support the Livewell principles.

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Invite friends around for a pub quiz and board games by candlelight

WWF’s Earth Hour is all about people coming together to celebrate our world. If you’ve decided to invite friends over, the Earth Hour team has created a fantastic Pub Quiz to download to make the most of the night while the lights remain off.

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Take a wildlife walk or go star-gazing

Get closer to nature while doing something for your health and well-being by taking a night walk or going star-gazing. And if you don’t have a telescope, don’t worry. Just darkness, a blanket and hot drinks will be enough for a perfect star-gazing hour.

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Go for a nightime city walk

If you are a “city animal”, why not take a walk around town and see what has switched off in your city? Last year many landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, the Tour Eiffel and Big Ben switched off their lights in honor of Earth Hour. This year is sure to find more participants, so be sure to check out what else is happening.

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Go for a nighttime bike ride

Cycling is not a trend, it’s part of a sustainable lifestyle. Everyday more people decide to leave their car at home and start cycling. And once you’ve started cycling, you can’t stop. So why not go for a ride during the hour?

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Try candle-lit yoga or exercise

“Mens sana in corpore sano,” says the famous Latin quotation. WWF’s Earth Hour is a moment for appreciating the brilliant world we all share, and how we need to protect it. Use this time to pursue a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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Have an unplugged jam session at home

Invite your friends over and unplug while you enjoy some in-house music. If you want to learn more on how you can reduce your energy demand, you can find more tips on WWF’s Earth Hour website.

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Read a bed time story

Light a candle to create a cozy atmosphere, and transform your favorite bedtime story into a fantastic journey of the imagination.

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Get a light switch-widget for your website

For the bloggers, tumblrs, and more, there is a light switch on the Earth Hour website you can use to help support the cause by going lights out. But don’t worry about your visitors leaving, they can still remove the pull cord if they like.