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Williams Street Residence, Elemi Architects, Collier Construction, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Adaptive Reuse, Green Renovation

The former grocery store had been used as office space until the owners bought it and decided to turn it into a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home. Located on Williams Street in an area that was once an industrial district (but is now devoted to the arts), the building sits on a typical 25-foot by 80-foot city lot with an east-west orientation. The redesign was handled by Elemi Architects, and Collier Construction handled the renovation.

Built solidly with a 3-brick wide envelope, the home had plenty of thermal mass, which the redesign team bolstered with spray foam insulation to minimize energy loss. The interior was rather closed-in, so the team added skylights to bring light from the roof all the way into the open floor plan living room. New energy-efficient windows were also added to the front and the back. The east side of the home was also opened up to a spacious patio and a second floor deck. Throughout the renovation, Collier Construction worked to minimize waste while reusing materials – including existing 2×12″ lumber that was incorporated into the new flooring structure.

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Images ©Elemi Architects and Collier Construction