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Guy Laramee’s Gorgeous Landscapes Carved Into Books

In two series entitled The Great Wall and Biblios, artist Guy Laramee used vintageencyclopedias to create his epic sculptures. Laramee carefully carved away at stacked volumes to create everything from mountains to caves to a peaceful Buddha sitting atop a mound. The sculptures cleverly give new life to the unwanted tomes, and pay homage to the stories they once told.


Brian Dettmer, Eco art, recycled materials, book art, books, sculpture, Kinz and Tillou Fine Art

Brian Dettmer’s Carved Book Sculptures

Artist Brian Dettmer approaches his medium with the exactitude of a surgeon, using clamps, tweezers and Exacto knives to turn unused books into beautiful and intricate sculptures. Most of Dettmer’s focus is on books, favoring out of date encyclopedias, medical journals, illustration books and dictionaries.

sustainable design, green design, green architecture, recycled materials, eco art, Book Cell, de Matej Krén

An Octogonal Building Cell Made Entirely of Books

Slovakian artist Matej Kren built this amazing Book Cell for the Modern Art Center in Lisboa. To give the structure a stable base and symmetrical shape, the artist constructed an octagonal framework, filled it with books, and then removed the frame. What was left was an enclosed room of stacked literature.

recycled book bench, bench of thought, banco de pensamiento alvaro tamarit, repurposed book furniture, recycled book furniture, tamarit recycled book sculpture

Alvaro Tamarit’s ‘Bench of Thought’

Curl up with a good book on artist Alvaro Tamarit’s ‘Bench of Thought’. To create this amazing piece, the artist repurposed hundreds of pieces of unwanted literature into a surprisingly ergonomic and modern seating option.

bath of knowledge, vanessa mancini, book bathtub, books sculpture, recycled book art, artwork literature, sustainable art,Recycled Materials

Vanessa Mancini’s ‘Bath of Knowledge’ Tub Made of Books

Immerse yourself in a bath of knowledge with Vanessa Mancini’s bathtub made from books. This novel idea (excuse the pun) is made almost entirely out of books, each one cut and fitted by the artist herself. Unfortunately the tub is unfinished and can’t be filled with water, but like with any good read, all you need is a bit of imagination to transform reality.

tower of babel, book sculpture, buenos aires, marta minujin, donated books, eco art

Spiraling Tower of Babel Made From 30,000 Donated Books

Buenos Aires was named the World Book Capital for the 2011 year, and in honor of the title, artist Marta Minujin erected a Tower of Babel using 30,000 books donated from all over the world. The modern nod reached 25 meters tall, spiralingskyward to provide fantastic views of the city.