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Japanese art, Takanori Aiba, bonsai, castles, Japanese Bonsai Series

Japanese Bonsai Series Make Tiny Architecture

With bonsai style as his inspiration, Japanese artist Takanori Aiba created a series of incredibly intricate worlds. Using standard craft materials, he fashions detailed castles, bridges and lighthouses that portray the beauty of spiritual harmony between humans and nature.


Foliages Art, Leaves carving, Ephemeral Pictures, Chinese art, Mona Lisa, ephemeral art

Chinese Ephemeral Pictures Are Carved on Leaves

Artists from China have been creating amazing delicate illustrations from carved leaves. The carvings provide haunting, ephemeral images of the Mona Lisa, the Statue of Liberty and fantastical landscapes.


Brazilian art, Dalton Ghetti, pencils, Pencil Tips

Brazilian Miniature Art on Pencil Tips

Brazilian artistDalton Ghetti creates tiny sculptures carved out of the fragile tips of pencils. Armed with a razor blade, sewing needle and sculpting knife, this mad South American creative refuses to use a magnifying glass.

British art, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Matchsticks art, Kyle Beans

British Dragonflies and Butterflies Composed of Matchsticks

British designer Kyle Beanshas been busy building insects out of plain old matchsticks. Beautiful dragonflies, butterflies and moths are all part of his amazing biodegradable “Stick Insects” collection, which takes significant time and patience to produce.


Tiny Origami, German art, Anja Markiewicz, Paper origami, japanese art

German Tiny Paper Origami Animals

German artist Anja Markiewicz folds pieces of paper smaller than an inch long into incredible cute origami figures. Using a toothpick and her skilled hands, she creates cranes, dragons, mice and flowers on an extraordinarily small scale.


French art, Anastassia Elias, Cardboard Toilet Paper Rolls, recyclable cardboard

French Scenes Carved Inside Cardboard Toilet Paper Rolls

French artist Anastassia Elias has worked out how to turn Cardboard Toilet Paper Rolls into small charming worlds. Sweet simple moments in life like visiting the zoo, children playing or grandma sleeping invite the most curious of viewers to peer in.