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A House for Three Sisters is essentially three homes joined together and united by shared common spaces in the center in Bullas, Spain. Each home has great views, an upstairs master suite and its own kitchen/dining and living area, but the rest of the cottage is finished according to the needs of the family – more bedrooms, an office or extra living space. Materials were sourced locally and techniques from the area were used in construction of the simple timber home. The wood is all PEFC certified, which ensures that it comes from ecologically, economically and socially responsible logging.

The local microclimate is one of hot summer days with cool nights and cold winters, but receives lots of sunlight during the day. Taking this into consideration, Blancafort-Reus Arquitectura used solar passive design to help heat the home along with concrete floors that act as thermal mass in the winters, while shading protects it in the summer. Careful window placement allows daylight to enter the home and natural cross ventilation helps keep the interior cool. A highly insulated envelope works in conjunction with low-e windows and outside shutters to reduce energy losses. Solar panels integrated into the home provide additional energy and rainwater is harvested for irrigating the trees and the garden. The shared dream home provides space for a close-knit family in an economical and sustainable way.

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