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“The goal of this 6800 square foot commercial office renovation project was to recycle a pair of older, historic structures, giving them a new identity and purpose while retaining their historic character, an important part of the brand of Mlicki strategic design firm,” writes JBADof the project. After weighing the different options for renovating the buildings, JBAD and the owners agreed on a balanced approach to reshape the structures. By carefully deleting from and adding to the buildings’ existing walls and ceilings, JBAD was able to create a visually unified space with a lot of pop.

Though they still retain many of their original characteristics, you can hardly recognize the old buildings when you look at the mod, new interior. From a futuristic central space with a visually striking spherical cutout to dramatically raised ceilings that let in plenty of sunlight, it’s quite easy to mistake this office as a totally new build. On the exterior, the old-fashioned silhouette of the homes has been retained, with an angular red entrance and wide glass windows. Talk about successfully marrying the old and the new to create something just right – particularly for Mlicki’s quirky and fun brand aesthetic.

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