A company in the UK has developed a high rise apartment concept that is magnificently futuristic, yet so perfectly suited to the present-day lifestyle of modern young urbanites, it’s sort of amazing something like this hasn’t materialized until now.

Abito is a testament to the wonders of technology and the huge potential of small spaces. The template is a 347-sq-ft apartment with a central pod that serves all the functions that are traditionally distributed among a number of rooms.

One side of the pod contains a bathroom behind double doors; another has a cupboard with washer/dryer hookups. A third side contains a his and hers wardrobe and a utility console, and the fourth contains a kitchen unit featuring integrated fridge/freezer, a two-burner range, an oven/microwave/grill combo, and a waste sorter. Opposite the wardrobe is a bedroom wall with a fold-up bed. Atop the pod is space for an extra bed or additional storage (though there is a remarkable abundance of storage elsewhere). And every Abito apartment has a private balcony.

Besides being miraculously efficient, the Abito apartment is also stunningly beautiful, with mostly white and stainless steel finishes. The 10.5ft ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows appear to make the miniscule space feel deceptively ample. Priced just over $155,000USD, these little apartments cost significantly less than most one-bedrooms in Manchester, where the first Abito complex is slated to be built.

At this time the only apartment is the company’s prototype, which is being tested and perfected in a warehouse, but the units have been for sale for about a year. The brilliant concept is currently planned for several locations throughout the UK, though it seems like an obvious recipe for success among space-savvy urbanites just about anywhere.

+ www.abito.co.uk

all images from Abito website