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KPMG’s new headquarters is located on the “Revygrunden” (revue site) between Dirch Passers Boulevard and the metro entrance at Flintholm Station. The building will be used primarily for KPMG offices and includes 32,500 m2 of office space, 1,300 m2 of shops, and 24,000 m2 of parking. To keep such a large office building from becoming confusing and disorienting, 3XN designed it in the shape of a clover to divide the space into smaller sections and make it easier to navigate. Each loop features a ground to roof atrium to pull in natural daylight and skywalks to create shortcuts across the space. All three loops meet in the center to form one natural central area in which to meet.

The ground floor also features a series of faceted, metallic-green installations used as private meeting rooms. These spaces serve as discrete spaces for appointments to maintain the privacy of the firm’s clients. The walls of these rooms are etched glass that shield the space from curious eyes, but still allow for natural daylight. Beyond the use of the sun’s light, 3XN also designed the headquarters to maximize sustainability and energy use. From design to construction, materials and the building lifespan, 3XN focussed on sustainability throughout. Energy consumption was reduced to almost zero by controlling the inflow of light, by heat regulation through the use of an active facade with solar screening, and by a strategic orientation of the interior office spaces.

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