A colorful eco-art installation has taken up residence at Macy’s Herald Square. Designed by Inhabitat favorite Art of Board, the recycled skateboard tile mosaics have added a bright pop of color to the Young Men’s shop. The Laguna Beach, California company’s unique, upcycled tiles infuse the iconic shopping destination with a modern green message.

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Art of Board was inspired by a love of action sports and a quest for sustainability. Through their own movement called “I Ride I Recycle,” the brand empowers communities and customers to partake in the recycling movement. The first organized skateboard recycling campaign in the United States, the initiative transforms the colorful and enigmatic designs that adorn skateboard decks into unique interior tiles and surfaces. The grassroots campaign calls on skateboarders to have environmental awareness, while also giving them the satisfaction of giving back to the earth.

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As visitors enter the Macy’s Young Men’s department, they are treated to a display of color and texture along the space’s columns lined with Art of Board’s recycled skateboard tiles. The rainbow of colors shares endless stories of former use, weaving together narratives of skateboarding tricks, long summer nights riding and epic falls. The design includes 255 square feet of tile, which equates to approximately 220 recycled skateboard decks or 325 pounds of wood waste that would otherwise have gone to landfills.

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