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Hui’s “costumes” began simply. He used paper to represent blood, mustaches, or even bleeding hearts. Realizing the diversity of paper, he was then inspired to craft more complex pieces with his scissors and glue. Pushing himself to the limit, he decided to make a new paper costume and self portrait each day for 365 consecutive days! Each is paired with a witty title, which often pokes fun at idioms and literal meanings.

For his daily paper costumes, he has crafted elaborate hair, snakes crawling out of a pant leg, broken hearts, conical breasts and sock garters. His series of animal heads could easily double as self standing sculptures. Made from paper and discarded cardboard boxes, the cartoony whales, bunnies, bears and birds would delight any toy or animation fan.

Using paper instead of fabrics or other heavy duty materials, Hui is able to let his creativity take the spotlight, as well as yield a completely recyclable piece of art. His skills recently caught the attention of the Lane Crawford retail store, where he was asked to design some paper sculptures for their display windows in Hong Kong. Hui also plans to finish his 365 days of paper costume portraits, making himself and his fans smile as a result of his “Feel Good Factory.”

+ Linus and the Feel Good Factory

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