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©archiv olgiati

The roof of Atelierhouse Bardill peaks in unison with the surrounding green shuttered homes of the traditional Swiss village. What sets the studio apart are the ornate stamps that emblazen the wooden façade. Also clad in wood, the circular stamps appear throughout the structure in varying sizes, and repeat inside on the walls and ceiling.

Set on a hill, the studio is reachable by a short wooden staircase that leads to a windowless wall on the decorative façade. From the street, the volume appears to be a solid barn, much like the building that stood on the ground previously.

Inside, the actual volume is revealed. An open space, the exterior walls wrap around an open courtyard. The sun shines into the space through a large circular cut-out, a contrast to the sharp lines and angles throughout the rest of the building. Used as a place for the artist’s composing and writing, the open interior features a small minimalist fire place, which heats a portion of the room , since it is constantly exposed to the elements.

Bardill lives just a short distance from the studio, so he only required a minimal working space. The unique structure satisfies the village’s building requirements, while also providing a unique and inspirational space in which to create.

+ Valerio Olgiati