Anaïs Rodgers

Anaïs Rodgers has been working in the design world as an interior designer for a couple of decades. She opened one of the first buy-local design shops in Brooklyn where she featured artisans who made everything from ceramic birdhouses to reclaimed lumber cabinetry. Her love of all things design was instilled in her by the many generations of artists and craftsmen she grew up with. Born on a farm in Vermont, the family grew their own food, raised animals and even made their own butter. Self sufficiency was as equally stressed as celebrating the beauty and respecting our planet. She recognized the importance of understanding how-its-built early on in her career so she was no stranger to hopping up on a ladder herself alongside the contractors. After several years of working on full gut renovations she studied for her contractors license and eventually built her own house. The experience of building has taught her a lot about thinking about renewable and green building practices. She says the most important ingredient in any project is to care. She loves all things cooking, gardening, architecture, travel, healthy living, design and especially good lighting. Really good lighting is a right, not just a privilege.