Marta Gordillo

In-Tenta design, led by the designer Manel Duró and the architect Marta Gordillo, is a Barcelona-based creative studio founded in 2012, focused on developing modular architectures and efficient architectural urban outdoor installations where functionality, sustainability and modularity play a key role. In-Tenta's work in modular hotel suites design is part of the latest emerging trend in the field of modular micro-architecture, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the hotel industry. The DROP box hotel suites collection is made up of transportable suites ready to be dropped into location as well as suites produced off-site and just transported to their final destination to be quickly assembled. The suites can be placed practically anywhere feasible and allowed, providing a highly comfortable stay from which the guests will enjoy new experiences while still remaining respectful of the environment. The DROP collection, with a high repercussion on architectural magazines and blogs, continues to grow year after year. Along these years, In-Tenta has also designed daily life creative products as a small way of innovation. Including an egg cup made in cork, an organic light lamp, an omelette turner or a stool for playing… Some of its designs have won awards and competitions in micro-architecture and also in other products. FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: VIMEO: