Vanesa Moreno Serna

Vanesa Moreno Serna is an architect and designer and was born in Salamanca (Spain). He has worked and collaborated on projects throughout Europe and the United States, designing commercial spaces, houses, exhibitions, furnitures, books and a video game. Currently, her work has taken a very environmentally friendly direction with the "Cassette is not dead" project, which by instalations, products and a on-line communication campaign aims to raise awareness of the problems caused by obsolete technology, since it is one of the most abundant waste being generated nowdays. The installation "Cassette is not dead" has been displayed around the world and won two awards. Recently Vanesa has created All stART a multicultural group of young creative people from different cities around the world all put together around design with the will to cover many other disciplines. All stART is a large and multidisciplinary group where each of its members are specialized in a different branch (architecture, art, design, craft). This open structure allows to act on both local and global levels, working individually or grouping collective members always depending on the project in question and taking advantage of the network. EXIBITIONS • 2007: Painting “Robots” with Josué Ormeño. Urban Zoo Gallery. Valencia (Spain). • 2007: Photograpy “February 14th”. Jesfons Gallery. Valencia (Spain). • 2008: Collages “Experiences” Cafecita Gallery. Valencia (Spain). • 2009: Sculpture and furniture “Used games” with Daniel de Juan. Booton Gallery. Oviedo (Spain). • 2009: “Rehogar” Collective exibition with Makea. Valencia (Spain). • 2009:”Cortar y Pegar” with Josue Ormeño. Valencia (Spain). • 2009-2010: Instalation “Cassette is not dead” Code Fair ‘09. Copenhague. ICFF. New York. Casa Pasarela. Madrid. DMY Design Festival. Berlin • 2011: Exibition with Prince Charles of England. IE. Madrid. • 2011: Salone Satellite. MIlan. AWARDS AND GRANTS • 2003: Architecture Investigational Grant. Spanish Educational Ministry. • 2009: Informatic Grant. Cardenal Herrera University. • 2010: Design Grant OFITA. • 2010: Propuestas 2010 Awards with “Cassette is not dead “ project. Art and Law Foundation. • 2010: 1st Prize best Ecodesign. Talentos Design. Santander Bank Foundation. • 2011: 1st Prize Student Category. CETEM Competition