The Protect the Palisades organization has taken a new approach to voicing its environmental concerns about LG building a new office tower in New Jersey. Motorists may have noticed the new billboard near 125th Street on the West Side Highway informing them about how LG’s new office tower will spoil an unbroken stretch of parkland in the Palisades. The hope is that the new signage will raise awareness about the fight to protect the land where the electronics company is aiming to erect its new 143-foot office tower.

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“Our message to commuters is: You can help stop LG’s needless plan that would spoil forever a timeless natural setting enjoyed daily from parks and parkways, cultural institutions and communities on both sides of the river,” Hayley Carlock, Environmental Advocacy Attorney for Scenic Hudson, said in a release.

A coalition of New Jersey and New York civic and environmental groups posted the billboard urging everyone to lend their voices on social media with the hashtag #StopLG. But the organization isn’t out to stop the company from building a new office entirely. Instead, LG could choose to construct a low-rise design on the 27-acre lot, which would still provide the same amount of office space without ruining the forest.

LG originally announced it plans to build and relocate its existing U.S. headquarters from Englewood Cliffs, NJ earlier in January. The planned eight-story HOK building would rise four times higher than the tree-line height limit, obstructing the picturesque landscape that is currently enjoyed by four New Jersey townships.

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