Gardening and technology don’t always mix, but in the case of the Bloombox, a living iPhone acoustic amplifier, it’s like star-crossed lovers have finally been united. The Bloombox is the brilliant idea from Portlanders Nicholas Hyde and Brennan Conroy, who wanted a docking station that not only looked great but also put out great sound without any extra energy. Made from ceramics, the simple hollowed-out design allows space for plants on the bottom and your iPhone on top. And even when your iPhone isn’t plugged in, the docking station can survive on its own as an awesome addition in your home or office.

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Bloombox is a ceramic acoustic amplifier for iPhones that also doubles as a planter and was designed by Nicholas Hyde and Brennan Conroy. The duo, who are obsessed with design, ceramics, and technology (specifically anything with an Apple on it) wanted to marry their loves into an amplifier that looked great and sounded awesome. The dual-purpose device is low tech — simply put your phone in the cradle and plug it in with your own power cord. Turn on the music and the Bloombox does the work to naturally amplify the sound. Plant your own little living environment and watch it grow in response to your awesome tunes.

The duo have created a limited quantity of Bloomboxes to test out their theories and now they want to expand to create more. They are working with Mudshark Studios in Portland to create a new mold to bump up manufacturing and here’s where you come in. Support their project on Kickstarter and you can get your very own Bloombox in white or black starting at $50. Sign up now, as it’s likely these cute little planter/speakers will cost more after this initial round of funding ends.

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