Call it Survivor: Designer’s Edition or Project Eco-Design, but we’ve got one reality TV inspired challenge for you: What could you build with just some cotton rope and a pile of wood blocks? An impossible task you say? Well, designer Amy Hunting has got you beat. In an experiment to construct a low-impact, limited material product, Hunting scavenged a local lumber importer’s garbage bin and created Blockshelf, a Jenga-like creation of over 20 varieties of untreated waste wood blocks, simply stacked and secured with a traditional fishing knot.

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The recent winner of the Green Furniture Award in Sweden, Blockshelf is another eco-friendly design that proves with a little bit of creative ingenuity, less can definitely be more. By applying otherwise garbage bound materials in a straightforward construction, Hunting was not only able to fashion a fresh new design that hosts a kaleidoscope of natural colors and textures, but allows for easy disassembly and reassembly that can be set up in a snap!

+ Amy Hunting