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The small cozy home is positioned to prevent intrusive looks but still capturestunning views of the river and the surrounding countryside. Its glass facades let the sunlight in and optimize the home’s orientation on the site. The facade is built using Shou-sugi-ban – an ancient Japanese technique of burning Sugi or Japanese Cypress for use as a gorgeous siding on the exterior of buildings. The house features a large terrace for its residents to sit and enjoy the landscape.

The major concern around which the entire project was conceived was the constant threat of flooding. In the event of a dramatic rise in water levels, most of the houses in the area would be submerged several feet under water. In order to protect this house, the architects raised it onto poles constructed from local trees. A narrow pathway connects it to higher ground and an alley behind it.

The prefab house was built in only three months and features several sustainable systems such as a wastewater purification mechanism, underground ventilation pipes, solar panels and thick insulation.

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