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CURB uses a variety of different green media, including reverse graffiti, LeGrow plants, moss art, sea tagging, and even snow.

Reverse graffiti washes away the long-collected grit and grime that collects on city streets and walls. CURB power washes stencils on London’s streets, revealing clean patches of sidewalk in the shape of their clients’ ads, making us realize just how dirty our cities are.

Fusing lush plants with shapes and imagery, LoGrow grows ads from the ground up. Employing award-winning horticulturalists, CURB creates living and growing logos with grasses, shrubs and natural stone and wood.

We love moss art and graffiti, which can be meshed and molded to virtually any surface, and in any intricate shape. The pieces are environmentally friendly, and even infuses  some greenery into stark places such as parking lots and heavy urban areas.

Despite the mild winter for many of us this year, snow mounds are a common sight in London. Taking advantage of this totally malleable substance that fills their city streets, CURB has perfected a snow stamping system, which can stamp logos in the snow on almost anything. Of course, being snow, the logos melt away with a touch of the sun.

Possibly the most ephemeral of CURB’s eco-methods is sea tagging. Used in tourist-friendly areas near aquariums, the team pumps sea water through their custom-made equipment, spraying out stencils around curious onlookers. The “stamped” messages gradually evaporate away, leaving no trace of their shape.

With sustainable techniques like the ones used by CURB, advertising isn’t just fun, it also helps inspire eco-consciousness in the world of big business.