Challenged with creating an unconventional live/work space in the Colombian countryside, architects Antonio Yemail and Michel Pineda of Oficina Informal transformed a dated barn into a hybrid dwelling, where the spaces are equipped to seamlessly accommodate the transition between work and repose. Constructed with a mixture of local and recycled materials, this beautiful construction could shake the agrarian spirit deep within even the most austere city-dweller.

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The program of the structure has been specifically designed to foster a stronger engagement between all occupants and activities on the farm, creating a more profound visual connection to daily tasks on the farm. Forgoing the traditional detached construction, the architecture of the place is grounded by two-story horizontal construction, where the family’s living quarters sit on the north segment of the barn, while the south hosts space for storage and the tending of animals – both divided only by one wall.

Materials were carefully chosen to be both eco-efficient and responsive to the local conditions of the site in order improve the overall energy performance. The architects employed recycled oak wine barrels, reclaimed doors and furniture, locally excavated stone for the walls, and they implemented a standardized system of construction to ensure a lightweight, but sturdy build. The cost of construction was equally efficient, ringing in at only $300 per square meter.

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