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If you passed the Markies trailer on the freeway, you wouldn’t look twice. While traveling, it looks just like your average RV. Actually, it’s even less interesting than that, since it has no windows on the side walls. It doesn’t need them. Each side of the trailer folds down to become a floor nearly triple the size of the original footprint. The trailer’s name translates to “The Awning” and this trailer is equipped with two of them. They aren’t your grandpa’s roll-out sun awnings, though.

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This design is so entrancing that one might not even realize Dutch designer Eduard Bohtlingk created the De Markies trailer thirty years ago. Despite its age, the design stands up to other impressive modern interpretations of camping life.

The Markies trailer gets phenomenally more exciting when you sneak a peek inside. The vinyl awnings and collapsible furniture make this trailer a whole lot different from its traveling cousins. In the center (over the main floor’s platform), the camper features a full kitchenette with a four-person dinette table. A spacious lounge space inhabits the outer portion, which can be indoors or outdoors, depending on the adjustable awning.

When the other wall of the trailer is lowered, it becomes a sleeping dorm with a double bed and two single beds stemming outward from the main room. An adjustable screen can be raised between the beds, to provide a small amount of privacy at night. The awning over the sleeping area can provide total cozy comfort from the elements, or be left up to allow for sleeping under the stars.

Images via Eduard Bohtlingk.