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The entire chicken coop can be mobile or stationary. In order to let the ground recouperate, the Wright Design Office website suggests moving the coop and chicken run every two weeks. To view the hens, you can peek through a small vent/view window that’s located just above the roosting box and egg access door. The opposite side of the coop features an extra large side door that can be used to access the coop for cleaning.

The coops aren’t free, though; a fully-equipped Modern Coop with an exterior water system and side access door will cost you $990. And if you want to throw in a mobile chicken run with a ladder (how else are the chickens supposed to get in the coop?) you can tack on another $150. However, if you’re handy and would like to build the coop yourself, Wright is offering to sell the plans for Modern Coop for $125.

+ Wright Design Office

Lead photo by Jim Golden