Maybe you have just moved or are remodeling your home, and you go to buy a brand new set of furniture. Once you unpack your tables and chairs, you’re left with a heap of cardboard just sitting there, waiting for the recycling bin. DIY Living gives its furniture packaging a second life by offering buyers instructions on how to fold the cardboard into functional pieces of home decor. With the help of printed directions, the box can become a bonus coffee table, stool or lamp shade.

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Partnering with the advertising agency Publicis Singapore, DIY Living offers consumers an ingenious way to reduce waste and furnish their homes for less. Hoping that their innovative packaging will help them stand out from a cluttered market, the company hopes to give consumers “more bang for their buck” without spending too much of their own. Lightweight and modern, tables and stools emerge from the cardboard boxes used to house and ship their merchandise. Not only a fantastic way to repurpose an item that was once intended for the landfill, the packaging becomes a useful and inexpensive way to fill a home.

Via Springwise