From incredible corrugated sculptures to eco-friendly furniture, we’re constantly amazed by inspired new uses for cardboard. The rather ubiquitous brown material has proven itself time and time again as a versatile material for creating objects of wonder, and the latest creations to catch our eye are the works of Argentina-based artist . His Diseno Cartonero (roughly translated to “Garbage Collector Design”) project creates functional and elegant pieces of furniture from cast-off cardboard scavenged by garbage collectors.

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Besides being nice to look at, Morahan’s pieces exemplify a certain humanitarian spirit through his own version of fair trade. The artist collects his recycled cardboard materials by purchasing it from garbage collectors (or cartoneros) at a higher price than they would receive at a recycling facility. Morahan then makes all his pieces by hand, so that each becomes a unique creative expression.

A thoroughly eco-friendly process from the collection of materials to the crafting of each piece, Morahan showcases the beauty and functionality of a material that is often considered trash.

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