We have seen and loved IKEA Hackersbecause by personalizing, repurposing, and rearranging existing parts and products, there is no need for using new raw materials. Plus, the result is always very creative, ironic and eco-friendly furniture. Following the same concept, new designer Clinton Sheldon created ‘This is Ercol,’ a series of statement furniture pieces made from obsolete and rejected parts from the British traditional furniture company Ercol. Spotted at the recent New Designers Show, ‘This is Ercol’ is all about experimentation, new ways of creative building and adding a fresh design spirit to a traditional British company that have been making craftsmanship furniture since 1920.

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‘This is Ercol’ has two bespoke design pieces at the moment: a ‘Waggtail’ rocking stool and a ‘Big Friendly’ floor lamp. ‘Waggtail’ rocking chair pays homage to the traditional woodworking and craftsmanship skills that make Ercol a well known established furniture company. ‘Big Friendly’ is a floor lamp also made from existing Ercol component pieces that plays with the idea of strength, gravity, and length to make up for the svelte shape. Some parts have been screwed together while others are wrapped using the red cable. On its top end, it features a hand-carved swan design and finishes with a low-energy hanging lamp.

With these two products and many more to come, Clinton Sheldon aims to make a point that we could design products with whatever there is at hand, while creating contemporary bespoke pieces that will hopefully take Ercol into a new direction that makes good use of obsolete or rejected wooden pieces.

+ Clinton Sheldon

Photos © Clinton Sheldon