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Electri-City Coffee Table, Benjamin Yates, recycled materials, recyclable design, green design, electronic waste, interactive furniture, acrylic tables, sustainable design

The electronic components of Benjamin Yates’ Electri-City Coffee Tables are contained inside sturdy acrylic and glass enclosures. Yates tries to utilize as much waste as possible: the screws from computers have been used to fasten the city structures to the ground, and the plastic or metal outer casings are used to form structures of buildings or bridges. The integrated lighting system transforms this useful piece of furniture into a fun and colorful toy, enticing one to explore its features and take a closer look at the intricate network of streets and city blocks.

Electri-Cities come in various shapes and sizes and can have different lighting and functionality options – they can be designed as pieces of furniture or simply as decorative elements resembling small planets and aerial views of cities as seen through a fish-eye lens.

+ Benjamin Yates

Via The Creators Project