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Pirogovo Greenhouse, Totan Kuzembaev Architects, Pirogovo Resort, greenhouses, organic food, wood building, Russian architecture, phyto lamps, glass houses

The Pigrovo Resort comprises a wide array of commercial facilities: a house, a yacht club, guest houses, and a restaurant. The greenhouse compliments the overall design approach of the resort: like most of the buildings, the greenhouse is made of wood, and its skeleton creates the appearance of an intricate jigsaw puzzle.

The greenhouse is a glass-faced volume with a pitched roof, consisting of a main growing area, the tambour and a porch. Most of its envelope was assembled from a stainless glass system that allows combining different support materials to bear the load of each façade fragment. The wooden structure bolstered by aluminum structural elements that are painted dark grey.

Different materials are given a similar visual treatment, which speaks to the designer’s consistency in conveying the appearance of warmth and naturalness. The double structure becomes visible at night when the building turns on special phyto lamps, which are fastened at the bottom belt of the framework. The greenhouse is a complex structure that has a smaller house “inscribed” into a larger one.

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