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FRPO architects designed the site-specific structure by dividing the form of a conventional house into its component rectangular parts. After determining the number and sizes of each room, they then carefully mapped out the position of each room to create a continuous mass that minimized disturbance on the landscape.

To create a lightweight system that offered high insulation, the architects constructed each pod with thick, cross-laminated wood panels. Using wood rather than conventional steel and concrete allowed the architects to install a lighter foundation that was less damaging to the surrounding root systems. Nestled beneath the tree branches, the continuous wooden form completed a look that the architects nicknamed “wood in the woods.”

The wood motif continues on into the interior of the house. White-painted timber panels cover the walls and finished wooden furniture punctuates each room. Differently sized windows offer glimpses into the outdoor landscape. A spiral staircase leads to an upstairs study in the single rectangular unit with a double ceiling.


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