Design collective Luzinterruptus worked their artistic magic last month with an illuminated plastic bottle installation at Singapore’s I Light Marina Bay, dubbed “Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival.” The massive glowing artwork, called Transitable Plastic, comprised seven movable walls hung beneath the Esplanade Bridge, one of the busiest transit areas in the bay. Designed to raise awareness about the “plastic binge,” the interactive artwork required visitors to physically move the plastic walls out of the way in order to get to the other side.

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Environmental art installation Transitable Plastic by Luzinterruptus

Looking through the wall Transitable Plastic by Luzinterruptus

Installed for approximately four weeks, Transitable Plastic was created with over 20,000 recycled plastic units collected from the community and local businesses including hotels, restaurants and shopping malls over the span of a month. Luzinterruptus vacuum packed the plastic bottles to create larger panels that were then strung together to form seven large walls. These makeshift walls were hung from metal scaffolding. The installation took 10 days to complete.

Inside Transitable Plastic by Luzinterruptus

Interactive art Transitable Plastic by Luzinterruptus

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“We [lit] the piece with a cold, neutral light which enhanced the glint of the plastic material and brought out the color of the labels allowing to easily guess which are the city’s most popular beverage brands,” wrote the designers. “As visitors entered the piece, landmarks disappeared so they had to get the plastic out of the way in order to avoid getting stuck in the corridors and to get to the other side, a healthier, more open place where they could breathe fresh air. A more-than-a-minute-long walk among plastics which could bring about a bit of asphyxia and inevitably the thought of plastic and its related problems.” Transitable Plastic was fully disassembled at the end of the event and the materials were sorted and recycled.

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Child Transitable Plastic by Luzinterruptus

Beneath the Esplanade Bridge Transitable Plastic by Luzinterruptus

Plastic closeup Transitable Plastic by Luzinterruptus