$50 goes a long way with these green gifts – good for all your loved ones, they’re stylish, sustainable, and will have your recipients thanking you for months to come…

RECYCLED CASSETTE COIN PURSE In an age of MP3s, you may wonder “where have all the cassette tapes gone?” These clever little reycled cassette coin purses pose a solution, turning old tapes into usable vessels for all your stray pennies. Hand-made and one-of-a-kind, the cassette tapes are available from Marcella Foschi, Italy.

$39 from DesignBoom . .

SOLAR POWERED SUN JAR Ever wish you could bottle sunshine? With Tobias Wong’s charming lighting concept, you can. Sun Jars collect solar energy during the day and emit a warm amber glow at night. Containing an energy-efficient LED and a rechargeable battery, the Sun Jar will give light for up to five hours with each charge.

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. SIGG ALUMINUM REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES Deck the halls with reusable water bottles! Every year over 50 billion plastic waters are sent to landfill in this country – despite the fact that tap water is as clean and safe and way cheaper than bottled water. Show your holiday generosity towards the earth and your fellow man by picking up one of these stylish aluminum Sigg bottles. It’s better for the environment and better on you wallet, too. And in time for the holidays, now you can pick up lovely brushed aluminum Sigg bottles in red and green. $15.99-$24.99 from Sigg .

RECYCLED GLASS BEDSIDE TABLE CARAFE ecycled Glass Night Set Similar to Transglass, this bedside table carafe is the perfect solution to midnight thirst. It’s made from recycled glass and gorgeously shaped, so you’ll appreciate it even at 3 am.

JOSH JAKUS WINEPOCKET From our favorite king of felt, Josh Jakus, this wine pocket will have you arriving to your holiday parties in sustainable style – bring the wine, and leave the bag as a great hospitality gift! Made from a single piece of wool felt made from factory waste.

HERB SAVOR When you get home from the farmer’s market with a bag full of organic goodies, the last thing you want is to watch them wilt after just a few days. With the Herb Savor, herbs are preserved for up to three weeks with a cleverly designed vessel and a bit of water.

. Lumen Adam Frank

LUMEN OIL LAMP The holidays are often called the “season of light,” and Adam Frank’s Lumen oil lamp is just the thing to light up the dark holiday nights. Lumen comes in five different nature-inspired designs that project a shadowy image on the wall when lit.

$48 from Adam Frank


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MIO CULTURE SWOOP SOFT BOWL – $35 Great for organizing keys, change, and other tiny things around the house, SoftBowls are made from 100% molded wool and made right here in the US of A by local craftsmen. You can even use them as cozies for your planted creatures! Designed to minimize environmental impact, SoftBowls are produced using less than one-tenth of the energy needed to create their ceramic counterparts.

FREY ORGANIC AND BIODYNAMIC WINES Based in Mendocino, Frey Vineyards grows organic and biodynamic grapes, and they’re also one of our holiday party sponsors! The wine is great, and the company is committed to environmental responsibility as ever was a vineyard.

RECYCLED SAIL AUM SHOPPER – $38 Plastic shopping bags are so 20th century. Upgrade to this AUM Shopper bag from Red Flag design, a Canada-based company that makes great tote bags from recycled sails.

AMERICAN APPAREL SUSTAINABLE EDITION ORGANIC COTTON BASICS The line is nothing new, but we just can’t get enough of the organic cotton basics from American Apparel, which now come in a variety of great colors.

HEATH CERAMICS LIMITED EDITION WINTER BUD VASE (in Eco-Packaging!) While some may debate the material sustainability of ceramics, there’s something to be said for tradition, and a company committed to local economies and environmentally-responsible production methods like water-recycling and low-fire temperatures. Heath Ceramics combines bright, modern designs with the artisan-quality, handcrafted techniques of Edith Heath’s legacy. The limited edition Winter Bud Vase will be a great to-be-heirloom gift, and the best part? Heath has recently switched all their packing material to ExpandOS, a sustainable material made from 30% recycled paper, biodegradable, and totally recyclable.

JIMIX RECYCLED PLASTIC WALLET We love the whole line of Jimi recycled plastic “wallets” for people who hate wallets and accessories – the JimiX is a great combination of the original Jimi wallet plus a sturdy money clip. Buy four and get the fifth free!

$16 from Jimi

BAMBU BOWLS These colorful bamboo bowls are hand-coiled, shaped, and given a food-safe waterproof finish. Produced in Vietnam by manufacturers committed to environmental protection and fair labor laws, the bowls are a perfect housewarming gift for holiday parties. $12-$15 from Re:Modern

VINTAGE RECORD SNACK BOWL A perfect gift for the record nerd in your life, the vintage record snack bowl gives new life to damaged or unplayable old vinyl LPs. Great for nuts, popcorn, and conversation starting, you can even custom tailor your bowl down to genre of music (although you can’t choose individual artists).

$26 from Elsewares

bike chain frame, green gifts, recycled chain accessories, recycled chain frame, recycled picture frame RECYCLED BIKE CHAIN FRAME This clever frame turns old bikes into usable and super-cool picture frames to hold pictures of all your loved ones in sustainable style. Available in 4×6 and 5×7 sizes.

$38 from Elsewares