Norway, Troll Wall, Reiulf Ramstad, Restaurant, Nature, Architecture,The Troll Wall is the tallest vertical rock face in all or Europe, standing  3,600 feet high. With paths accessible at street level, the idea of creating an eye-catching restaurant and visitor center became ideal for attracting anyone driving by.

The aesthetic of the building mirrors its mountainous surroundings. The sleek, tall, angular edges are covered in reflective glass. With just the right amount of sunlight at the correct angle, the entire building can appear to blend right in with the mountain range.

Completed in April of this year, the building also houses an enormous gift shop and a movie theatre that plays a twelve minute video about the history of the Troll Wall. The restaurant offers a 3 course dinner for adults but also includes roadside fast food, making it one of the fanciest pitstops any truck driver has ever seen. Vistiors can sit indoors our outdoors with panoramic views of breathtaking nature.

The building’s materials are few and simple. The floor is made of concrete and the interior walls that aren’t completely glass are comprised of plastered chipboard.  The simplicity and cleanliness of the design is best described by the Reiulf Ramstad Architects motto: “Whatever is iconic must be perfect, whatever is perfect must be lucid, whatever is lucid must be simple, and whatever is simple must be bold.”

The Troll Wall restaurant and visitor center will be open seasonally from June to September when views of the towering cliffs are most spectacular. Concerts, movies, and parachute jump events will also take place during the season.

+ Reiulf Ramstad

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