South Korea’s Jeju Island is known for its outstanding aesthetic beauty — it’s an area that bears testament to the compelling natural history of our planet. Listed as a UNESCO site, the island will soon be host to a new World Natural Heritage Center. The center is anticipated to become a meeting place set to educate and promote the importance of preserving the island and its heritage for future generations to come.

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As one would rightly assume, building on a UNESCO site is a delicate issue. Designed by Kyungam Architects and Sun Architects & Engineers, the structure fits amicably within the existing landscape, following the natural undulations of the surrounding hills and volcanic mountains. The outer walls utilize Materuak Hyunmuam, a local material, and the building features a large open cut roof and glass windows that improve natural light and ventilation.

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The World Natural Heritage Center will consist of areas dedicated to exhibition, education, research, and maintenance. The building will be crowned with an expansive green roof that accounts for the displacement of the existing vegetation of the site, while providing panoramic views of the much celebrated Halla-san Volcano.

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