Honey bees are some very hard-working ladies. Why not show them a little love with a beautiful, comfortable place to come home to after a hard day of pollinating? Industrial designer Philip de los Reyes has designed artificial hives that incorporate modern style with traditional apiary layouts. Crafted with both professional and amateur beekeepers in mind, the structures attempt to combine the functional with the fashionable, adding a splash of color and architectural elements to the boxes.

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San Francisco industrial designer Philip de los Reyes hopes to make backyard beekeeping simpler, easier, and more accessible.  By infusing beekeeping with a sense of style, he strives to encourage pollination and local honey harvests as an extension of urban gardening. A version of the popular Langstroth hive, the interlocking boxes incorporate louvered handles on the exterior. Alternating interior brood and  super frames resemble tabbed file folders, and are housed within cell foam containers. The boxes are interchangeable and expandable, and the queen bee can be separated from the workers, ensuring that the honeycombs remain free of eggs. Sleek and modern, the hives bring a new perspective to an old art.

+ Philip de los Reyes