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The Polyforum Siqueiros contains a theater, galleries, and more, but the main focus is the Foro Universal, which contains the interior portion of Siqueiros mural work. The museum received a donation from a Mexican paint manufacturer to give the entire program a sustainable upgrade designed by BNKR Arquitectura to honor the historically important work on the property, including the world-famous “La Marcha de la Humanidad” mural.

Instead of completely re-designing the project, the designers replaced the former dark blue industrial carpet with a white epoxy finished floor. BNKR retained the wood-paneled ceiling and staircase but sanded them down and applied a few layers of varnish to give them new shine. And finally, a new glass window that permits plenty of daylighting also better highlights the work inside. While a new spiky ball definitely gives the original project conceived in 1967 a modern twist, overall this sustainable renovation project enhances the original purpose.

+ BNKR Arquitectura

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