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The residents of the infill homes split the 25 ft by 80 ft land cost, keeping their tight budget  low and construction affordable. The rear unit is extremely private, facing and interacting with the back yard, while the front home interacts with the street and adjacent neighbors. The architects chose simple, sustainable plywood and metal to clad the exterior, reflecting the industrial feel of the neighborhood.

The rear unit rises in a three-storey box form, with an open kitchen and dining area while the second floor living room looks down upon the kitchen, which is the central focus of the family home. Large windows flood the interiors with light, and face the lush backyard. The rear home is private and quiet,  focusing on family meals, and gathering around a simple fireplace in the mezzanine.

Facing the street, the front unit perches off of the box of the rear home. The main living area is elevated on two columns, housing a car park and foyer area below. The living area opens into a large street-facing boxed cantilevered terrace, which includes a gorgeous wooden privacy screen that meets an open glass corner. The interior is bright thanks to skylight and a glazed glass curtain on the front of the home and glass walls throughout.

Colizza Bruni’s innovative Front to Back Infill Homesustainably solves a housing problem, saving both clients money, while creating beautiful modern homes for two families.

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