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Intermode’s housing model makes use of a variety of pre-designed modules that can be joined together to create homes that are customized for clients’ needs. All homes are based around a 1,200 mm spine wall that contains all the utilities and storage areas freeing up the other elevations for flexible living areas and glazing. Intermode’s modules include a variety of bedrooms, bathrooms, studies, play rooms, living rooms and kitchens that can be lined up together to create one long house or grouped pavilion style. The Kilmore House has a combination of linear configurations and groupings to create the five-bedroom, three-bath home.

Located on a 500-acre cattle ranch in Kilmore to the north of Melbourne, the home enjoys a strong connection with the landscape. Floor-to-ceiling glazing opens up the home to views and sunlight, while deep overhangs protect it from overheating. The home was prefabricated offsite and then assembled and completed in a relatively short time. Passive solar design is combined with renewable timber resources, extensive water storage, high performance walls, roof and glazing systems to create an efficient home. While definitely on the higher end of the prefab market, Intermode’s goal is to build modular home solutions that offer clients elegant, top end design principles at a predictable cost and within a predictable time frame.

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