Inspired by the benches and picnic tables we would normally see at an outdoor park, this practical piece designed by Legato Studio gracefully transforms from eating surface to seating with less effort than would be needed to fold a futon flat. Debuting this year at ICFF for New York Design Week, the table/bench is made from plyboo (100% renewable laminated bamboo) and finished with a water-based lacquer. Designed to fill a void in urban furniture it’s perfect for city dwellers, and depending on your needs, it can provide either seating and space for three people or seating and surface room for up to six!

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The idea for this design started when Ashlee Conner hired design contractor Matt Lee to help her solve the problem of having limited space in her home for a traditional dining table. They brought on engineer Bret Sorkness and it was their collaboration that resulted in this beautiful ‘transformative furniture.’

In the closed position, the stainless steel legs fit together as arm rests and form an angular bell shape, while also creating space for storage below. As the table expands into the two other stages, the legs open symmetrically drawing modern and clean lines from the top of the table to the bottom of each bench. When designing this piece the company paid close attention to both safety and easy of operation for the end user. All this table needs to be fully functional is a flat surface that can support its weight, and it operates on even the most delicate of flooring.

+ Legato Studio