Elegance and a balance of form and function aren’t normally the attributes one would normally associate witha dog toy, but this little gem isn’t your average ball. The Odin, named after the inventor’s own dog, is a toy that engages dogs both physically and cognitively, while looking sleek enough to display in the chicest condo. Made of eco-friendly materials, this minimal design belies its fun nature: there are several different slots inside it for hiding treats, and your puppy pal needs to play with it and work with it to win them.

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After several months of design revisions and 3D-printed prototypes, the multifaceted toywas refined until it became the ideal puzzle for canine companions. In addition to being fun, these toys are also modular, so several Odins can be attached to one another for a more challenging experience, or just more bulk for a larger dog to enjoy. Best of all, when they’re not in use, Odins double as little modern art sculptures that you don’t have to hide whenever friends stop by to visit: they’re as much at home on your coffee table as in your dog’s jaws.

The Kickstarter campaign for this toy is currently underway, so be sure to support it and get your hands on an Odin before it hits store shelves! They’ll be available in slate grey, black, and coral, so you can choose which ones coordinate best with your interior decor.

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