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Like so many of their projects, MIELE wanted the pavilion to depict the company’s overarching aim to design stoves, washing machines and other appliances that are not only energy efficient, but also respect nature in terms of their modest use and conservation of natural resources. And the bright red lightbox definitely succeeds in this goal.

A very small modular program that is filled to the brim with daylight, the “floating” MIELE lightbox has such a small footprint that it’s possible to disassemble and pack it up without any kind of environmental scars. In fact, anyone who didn’t know that the pavilion was there previously would be none the wiser, so respectful is it of its site in Chile. We love MIELE, and we definitely love their new temporary furniture showcase!

+ Gonzalo Mardones Arquitecto

Photography by Nico Saieh

Via Architizer