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Quintela and Simon wanted to create a multi-use space that echoed the vigor of the Vertigo Climbing Center, which itself is an adaptive reuse projectwhich revamped a disused warehouse. The design duo decided to expand on the climbing gym itself, creating a pavilion that separates the center’s café, but can also be utilized like the rest of the facility. Inside, the red timber grid structure houses a small café area that is separate from the gym area with a cast concrete floor. The planks of wood on the inner walls are flat, creating a continuous surface that creates a more uniform, contained space for the café.

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On the exterior of the pavilion, the planks are varied, inviting guests to climb up and over as they would in the gym. Quintela and Simon even created a mezzanine platform for relaxing, accessible only by climbing the façade.

The pavilion sits in the existing warehouse space independently, acting as a modern structure without obstructing the original architecture. To pay tribute to the site’s history, the pavilion was painted red, to accent the shipping cranes and containers in the area.

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