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Borgman Lenk wanted the installation to be deceiving to the viewer at first, by using the commonplace scaffolding as material to create something creative and beautiful. While the metal gridding of the scaffolding mimics construction, it also references the housing development project, Hellersdorf. Like many large housing projects, Hellersdorf was never completed due to political and bankruptcy issues, dotting the German landscape with unfinished eyesores, like many other projects.

Luftschloss is also in a constant state of flux, being built upon and evolving as if mirroring the housing projects it refers to. The sheer aqua material is moved throughout the scaffolding frame, sometimes floating like a cloud, and at other phases anchoring like a castle fortress. The floating form brightens the square on dreary days, and mimics the sky on sunny days. The sheets of translucent aqua also provide a shady place for meeting within the square.

Luftschloss is a temporary art installation provided by Stadtumbau Ost. It not only enlivens the Alice Solomon Square, but it encourages discussion and awareness about failed public projects in the community.

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