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LOGG Arkitekter built the Villa Melkeveien with floor-to-ceiling windows to take advantage of the breathtaking views of the city below as well as the surrounding landscape. A natural materials palette comprising Kebony wood, stone, slate, and glass further blend the eco-conscious structure into the landscape. The horizontal Kebony cladding, which serves as the dominant material for the facade, was manufactured in Oslo using sustainably sourced softwood species injected with non-chemical bio-based products, heated, and pressurized to create a highly durable and maintenance-free product.

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“With Villa Melkeveien we have designed a house that is both at the epitome of luxury yet also environmentally friendly,” said Diederik Advocaat Clausen, Partner and LOGG Arkitekter. “Working with Kebony allowed us a nod towards the villa’s Scandinavian setting, offset with extensive glass to create a contemporary feel.” Constructed over the course of two years, Villa Melkeveien consists of a 3,230-square-foot four-bedroom house organized into two main blocks in a T-shape formation. The house also features an outdoor terrace, spa room, and guest area with its own kitchen and bathroom.

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