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The clandestine artists filled the bags with a red liquid to give the final product a somewhat haunting look. The bags were then hung from a structure that had been carefully weaved around trees in a popular park next to the city’s main square. Once in place, the artists then invited the locals to wander through the corrridors of glowing heart bags, trying to spot their own portrait as they recognized their neighbors’ incandescent faces as well.

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The artists explain that the 15-day luminous installation was a way for the local neighbors to see each other in a whole new light, ” We, who also partook with our own portraits, couldn’t find ourselves no matter how carefully and deeply we tried to look in there. That must mean something. However, we enjoy a lot going through the 1,000 beautiful faces of those Tartu citizens that offered themselves to collaborate.”

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Photos by Gustavo Sanabria